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Oklahoma City in our Prayers

We are praying for the victims and families and workers in Oklahoma City as they tend to the devastation of this tornado. [Read more…]

Tithers — a Profile

Melissa Steffan, at CT: That last paragraph is a whole world of concern. 77 percent of tithers reported giving between 11 and 20 percent of their income, and 70 percent donate based on their gross (not net) income. The majority (63 percent) started tithing 10 percent or more between childhood and their twenties. Moreover, it [Read More…]

Tiger Mom, Thanks

From Grace Liu: My parents are immigrants from Taiwan. I was an only child, and I was expected to excel academically and extracurricularly. So, I delivered. I got straight A’s. I played violin for hours. I did extra math, chemistry and physics problem sets under the eagle-eyed gaze of my mother. Through it all, I [Read More…]

Negotiating the Political Powers

How did the Judeans in the era around Jesus negotiate with the Roman powers and the Judean powers? We might need to begin with the observation that they had to since Rome’s power was pervasive and, if need be, brutal.  In 63 BC Pompey the Great was sent to the eastern Mediterranean to calm things [Read More…]

A Long Faithfulness: Preface

The following is from my new e-book, A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance. The aim of this book is to present how the warning passages in Hebrews teach perseverance and the possibility of genuine apostasy of genuine believers, and this theme is applied to the notion so popular today called “meticulous sovereignty,” that God [Read More…]