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Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end… they did

The question I have about this pic of John Raymond, my editor at Zondervan, and me, is “What’s with that red crewneck, John?” [Read more…]

The Debate is Over

From The Consensus Project: See here. Added: Here’s the abstract: We analyze the evolution of the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, examining 11 944 climate abstracts from 1991–2011 matching the topics ‘global climate change’ or ‘global warming’. We find that 66.4% of abstracts expressed no position on AGW, [Read More…]

Holding it Together: Pete Enns

Pete Enns probes an issue many Bible readers sense, and some answers to the retributive violence of God in the Old Testament simply won’t do. Of course, for both the Old and New Testaments, there are other examples we could look at. But the point remains: If Jesus and the Father are one (John 10:30), how [Read More…]

It is a Defiling Skin Disease … Say What? (RJS)

Over the last year or so I have been listening to scripture straight through in large chunks during my commute (20-25 minutes each way depending on traffic). The Bible Gateway App for my phone has a great feature that permits listening to an audio reading or dramatization of several different translations. Plug the phone into [Read More…]

Orthodoxy was a Process

Some — and probably far more than “some” — believe Christian orthodoxy is a simple, clear, uneventful interpretation of Scripture and, in particular, of the apostolic teaching. In other words, apart from some dipsticks all believed in the deity of Christ in more or less the Chalcedonian form from the beginning. Ronald Heine, in his [Read More…]