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Texas Has the Most

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Does Music Help Learning?

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Myers Briggs Pushback

From Roman Krznaric: I have some bad news for you: Even the most sophisticated tests have considerable flaws. Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the world’s most popular psychometric test, which is based on Jung’s theory of personality types. Over two million are administered every year. The MBTI places you in one of 16 personality [Read More…]

Bring Back Paul!

Various groups have a favorite biblical figure in the back pocket. The Anabaptists of today have Jesus and so do the Protestant mainliners, and then there are the more theological Reformed groups who have Paul in their back pocket. No one seems to care much about Hebrews (I call the author “Hebby” at times), every [Read More…]

They Killed Him, but God Raised Him

The earliest description of the death of Jesus, if one takes the texts at face value and as historical records, which means taking Acts 2 seriously as an interpretation of the death of Jesus 50 days after Easter, sees the death of Jesus as (1) appointed by God and (2) an act of injustice that [Read More…]