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Eliminating Clutter Infograph

Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics. [Read more…]

Sports in the Kingdom: Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn: Even in this fallen world, sports can bring out some very good things, including teamwork and the development of physical skills in our bodies that God has made. Can people abuse sports? Can they make it all about themselves? Can they become prideful and arrogant? Of course. We’ve all seen athletes who are [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, May 25, 2013

If the earth had a ring like Saturn… The best ice cream parlors in the world — where there’s Blue Bell in Texas and don’t forget the piazza parlor in San Gimignano. Mal Green on preserving one’s reputation: “The seemingly relentless litany in recent church history of high-profile and no-profile Christian religious leaders being caught in [Read More…]