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Caffeine — Too much

From BBC News: US officials are investigating the safety of caffeine in snacks and energy drinks, worried about the “cumulative impact” of the stimulant – which is added to a growing number of products. Is our tea and coffee-fuelled society too dependent on the world’s favourite drug? The bubbling kettle, the aroma from the mug, [Read More…]

Atheist to Christian

Megan Hodder: Last Easter, when I was just beginning to explore the possibility that, despite what I had previously believed and been brought up to believe, there might be something to the Catholic faith, I read Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel. One passage in particular struck me. Talking of the New Testament miracles and [Read More…]

Congratulations Graduates (RJS)

A few months less than four years ago I wrote about taking my daughter off to college: Missional Campus Ministry 4. Coming full circle, this last weekend we attended her graduation – a great experience celebrating the achievements of the students. Because we live some 600+ miles away we haven’t gotten to visit the campus [Read More…]

40+ and the Local Church

Michelle van Loon carried out an extensive study, though not scientific, of the church attendance of 40+ folks, and his post draws from her last two posts (here and here): I’ve received more than 400 responses to date from those over 40 when I queried them about their relationship with the local church, I saw a [Read More…]