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Goal of Teaching

Excellent set of ideas from Gary Gutting: I’ve concluded that the goal of most college courses should not be knowledge but engaging in certain intellectual exercises.   For the last few years I’ve had the privilege of teaching a seminar to first-year Honors students in which we read a wide range of wonderful texts, from Plato [Read More…]

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (RJS)

Should our interpretation of scripture, especially Old Testament texts be confined to the intent of the original author? Is it dangerous to see shades of later Christian understandings in the text? Late last fall I started a series of posts looking at the book of Job.  The book of Job is a profound and often overlooked [Read More…]

The Demands of Jesus: A Letter

From a campus minister, and used with permission: Is the Jesus Creed bad news? Where are you seeing this interpretation of the demands of Jesus? Let me first say how much I have enjoyed reading your books, specifically The Jesus Creed, One Life, & The King Jesus Gospel.  I am a Baptist campus minister in [Read More…]