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Writing Infographic: Writing and the Brain

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Male-Female Relationships

The issue is can men and women be friends, that is Are cross-gender friendships do-able? I came across this post at Live Better America blog and thought I’d clip a bit for here: What are your guidelines or rules? What policies are in place in churches? Men are men. Women are women. We’re genetically wired [Read More…]

Post-Purity Sexual Ethic?

By Abigail Rine, at The Atlantic: One of the issues here is that sex is devalued when women (not so often men) are seen as damaged goods, impure, contaminated, deflowered, defiled… so Richard Beck, and others, are exploring new metaphors for sexuality. Denunciations of purity culture are beginning to emerge from the evangelical ivory tower [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Wisconsin’s biggest brat ever! “Brat Fest officials said they grilled a brat measuring 54 feet 10 inches to surpass the record brat of 52 feet, 2 inches set last October in Prescott. The monster brat made by Johnsonville Sausage consisted of 28 pounds of pork, and fit perfectly on a bun made by Pan-O-Gold using [Read More…]