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Reimaging Narratives

Why do we need to Reimagine Narratives? Reimagining Narratives is a doctoral research project that I [SMcK] am currently supervising. Christianity is currently experiencing change. Popular research on Christian spirituality in the West tells us that people are leaving traditional Christian churches en mass. Research (e.g. Lyons,  Kimball  ) also suggests that many people [Read More…]

30 Minute Health

From TribeSports [Read more…]

Marks of Critical Thinking

Some education never gets beyond the first or second levels here: mastery of information and the apologetic defense and critical rebuttal. But critical thinking goes deeper, as this helpful introductory chart illustrates: [Read more…]

Andy, Denny, Adam, Eve

Andy Stanley has come into the crosshairs of Denny Burk again, this time over how he determines whether or not Adam and Eve are historical figures. Andy’s approach is through the authority of Jesus. Denny Burk questions if this is the proper method. Here’s what Andy said in a recent sermon: The foundation of our [Read More…]

Which Books Get to be in the Bible? Says Who?

Go to your Bible, open up to the New Testament, and you will find a collection of 27 books — every New Testament begins with Matthew and everyone ends with Revelation (not Revelations). 27 books is taken for granted today but for about 400 years that wasn’t the case. In fact, there was no such [Read More…]