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David Koyzis: Baptist and Calvinist? Why not Lutheran?

Ever sharp David Koyzis: As a Reformed Christian who is in some fashion heir to Calvin’s legacy, I find myself puzzled when I see a title such as this: “Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention.” What does it mean to be a Calvinist in a Baptist denomination? It cannot imply an acceptance of Calvin’s view of [Read More…]

You Work in a Cubicle?

Graphic via [Read more…]

No and Yes on the Pharisees

From Derek Leman: There are several reasons why the Pharisees are misunderstood: Josephus, who was a Pharisee, exaggerated their power and influence The later rabbis (third through sixth centuries), whose origins were in the Pharisee movement, exaggerated their power and influence when writing about the first century The other parties (Sadducees, Essenes, Herodians) all ceased [Read More…]

Jesus on Adam and Eve (RJS)

There has been small internet storm surrounding the remarks by Andy Stanley on Adam and Eve, and on Denny Burk’s response. Scot posted on this yesterday, but focused on what he saw as a poor hermeneutic at work in the remarks of Burk. I would like to address a different issue, also hermeneutical, and one [Read More…]

Humans Competing for Resources

From UK Guardian: The puzzle is one of the greatest surrounding our species. On a planet that bristled with different types of human being, including Neanderthals and the Hobbit-like folk of Flores, only one is left today: Homo sapiens. Our current solo status on Earth is therefore an evolutionary oddity – though it is not clear when our species [Read More…]

The Orthodox Heretic

The unusual pairing of these two terms – orthodox and heretic – is not meant to be provocative but a genuine description of an early theologian who shaped what Christians still confess and yet he was also someone who got himself into trouble with the heresiarchs [over universalism and his anthropology]. I am referring to [Read More…]