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Missional vs. Attractional, Pro-Life Style

From CP: WASHINGTON – The newest breakthrough in the pro-life movement isn’t a bill in Congress or a march on Washington: it’s a mobile ultrasound vehicle. Equipped with a team of Christian medical professionals, 22 mobile vehicles already visited 19 cities in the United States. Michael Homula, executive director of ICU Mobile, shared the story on [Read More…]

Summer Vacation: Too Long? Time for a change?

From Daniel Luzer: Next week begins, in many cases, the three-month period that is summer vacation from school. For those of us long outside of education, and without children of our own, it may be a little hard to recall the sheer joy that is summer vacation. Three whole months outside of the classroom. Your [Read More…]

The Map of the Soul

This is John Frye’s weekly column, From the Shepherd’s Nook. Preaching: The Map of the Soul  In Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity, Eugene H. Peterson tells Herman Melville’s story of Dr. Cuticle. On a large sailing ship at sea, Dr. Cuticle is the ship’s only surgeon. Disappointed that the most medical attention [Read More…]

Making Sense of it All

We have bucket loads of words for thinking, and thinking is just one of those words, so I could have chosen other words. Like pondering. We could add to a list of thinking words another list of feeling words and they influence thinking and thinking the feeling. “What we are trying to do, in a [Read More…]