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French Fries, Maybe Not!

French Fries Nutritional Facts infographic by Raj Kamal. [Read more…]

Learning from the Romans, but about what?

Cement (not the same as concrete). That’s what. Source. The secret to making sustainable, strong concrete may have been at the bottom the Mediterranean Sea for the past 2,000 years: Researchers believe that the ancient Romans created concrete that is more environmentally friendly and durable than modern cement…. Monteiro and his colleagues may have found [Read More…]

NCAA Women’s and WNBA Basketball

Kris and I are fans. We like to watch the women’s NCAA games and now that Kris’ sister, Pat, lives in our area we are watching the Chicago Sky in the WNBA. But women’s basketball has been mismanaged and Sally Jenkins has an excellent sketch of its problems. In my view, women don’t play the [Read More…]

Northern’s Centennial Logo

This is Northern Seminary’s new 100 year celebration logo… I like it. I’m posting this to appear during our graduation celebration! [Read more…]

Saturday Book Review: Will Willimon, Novelist

From David Moore, at Fuller Seminary and his very-well-done Burner Blog: If you’re looking for the key to Will Willimon’s new novel, Incorporation (Cascade, 2012), you can find it here: More humiliating was his desperate need for this building. For twenty years he had deceived himself, telling himself and the world that Hope was nothing but a hulking [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, June 8, 2013

Ten fitness myths… good read. Nature’s strength (to the left). The NCCA follows its own set of rules, but on this it means the young athlete will drive to another place and wash her car — on scholarship: “A member of a women’s golf team at a West Coast Conference school has been sanctioned by [Read More…]