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Wedding Costs for Attenders

From USAToday: According to the latest American Express Spending & Savings tracker, those of us with someone’s “big day” marked on the calendar can plan to fork over, on average, $539 per wedding! Here’s how it breaks down: • Travel: $167 • New apparel and accessories: $161 • Wedding gift: $108 So, what’s a celebratory, [Read More…]

What We Need for the 21st Century?

21st Century critical thinking minds:   Courtesy of: Mentoring Minds [Read more…]

Is the Problem Poverty?

From David Sirota: Meanwhile, despite the fact that many “reformers’” policies have spectacularly failed, prompted massive scandals and/or offered no actual proof of success, an elite media that typically amplifies — rather than challenges — power and money loyally casts “reformers’” systematic pillaging of public education as laudable courage (the most recent example of this is Time magazine’s cover cheering on wildly unpopular Chicago Mayor [Read More…]

The Three S’s of Leadership

There is one kind of leader who may be called The Imposer, though The Imposer often describes and presents himself/herself as one who is not imposing. The Imposer imposes his or her will on others, and even sees leadership as imposing one’s will on others, or The Imposer seeks to impose the Bible on others. [Read More…]

Vacation: The American Approach

From USAToday: As a professor, “vacation” is tricky since much of my time “off” is actually time “on” and I like what I do so much my time “on” is also “off”! Still, Kris as a psychologist is paid for work done and she can take vacation as she wants (knowing she won’t be paid). [Read More…]