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House Size Still Increasing

From USAToday: America’s families may be shrinking, but our houses never got the memo: They’re moving in the opposite direction. Census Bureau data out this week show that the size of new homes keeps rising even as Americans over the past two generations have had fewer children. At 2,306 square feet, the typical new home [Read More…]

What happened at Delphi?

Excellent, informative and suggestive probing into what was really happening with the Pythia at the oracles of Delphi … by Jelle Zeilinga de Boer and John R. Hale: The ancient sources describe two distinct types of prophetic trance experienced by the Pythia. First, and more normally, she would lapse into benign semi-consciousness, during which she [Read More…]

Conversion as Influencing, an Infograph

I found this infograph at, and it opens up some windows (some worrisome ones too) on evangelism, the evangelist and conversion. As some of you know, I have written about conversion in two publications — Turning to Jesus and with Hauna Ondrey Finding Faith, Losing Faith. In the first book especially I dealt with the psychology [Read More…]

Evangelization Today was Evangelism Today

The Roman Catholics have become evangelistic, which means “evangelization” is the new term, while evangelicals, who used to be big on “evangelism,” are not so evangelistic today. In a WaPo article by Michelle Boorstein, we get a taste of what is happening and what Catholic leaders would like to see happen: John Gallagher felt anxious [Read More…]