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Paul, the Allegorizer

My friend and colleague, Claude Mariottini, argues that Paul’s use of not muzzling the ox is not an argument from the lesser (ox) to the greater (apostles) but allegory: Paul’s argument was that if draft animals could share from the results of their labors, then those who work promoting the cause of Christ should also [Read More…]

Biblical Theology: A problem

Joel Willitts, my friend and former colleague at North Park, has a post on a problem in much of biblical theology: it gets supersessionistic (a term often begged in definition). Here’s Joel: But just recently I’ve come to realize what it is that makes me uncomfortable with much biblical theology today. I noticed it most [Read More…]

The Garden in Ancient Context (RJS)

I picked up a fascinating book a few weeks ago – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary) . This is the first of a five volume set brought to my attention through a post on Pete Enns’s blog with, as usual for him, a nice pithy title Learn about the Cultural [Read More…]

Grace All the Way

For some odd reason beyond my ken grace seems rather easy to misunderstood, either by softening it into bald forms of tolerance or overcooking it with a dark side. Listening to people makes me think that “grace” means God is love and God is loving and “God is just so incredibly nice” or something like [Read More…]