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Should Churches Surrender Tax-Exempt Status?

Mike Huckabee says so: In a surprising move, Christian conservative and Republican leader Mike Huckabee is encouraging churches to give up their tax exempt status. Huckabee issued the following call for churches to unilaterally give up their tax-exempt status via Twitter on June 11. “It’s time for churches to reject tax exempt status completely; freedom is more important than [Read More…]

Your Grammar on Social Media  [Read more…]

Preaching is Love

From John Frye, our weekly From the Shepherd’s Nook column. Jesus Creed Preaching If I may pull an image from the Bible and use it, I think many pastors try to preach in Saul’s armor. Saul believed that young David needed some kingly protection and David wisely refused it. David had unknown skills, shaped in [Read More…]

Holiness vs. Compassion

The recent resolution of the Southern Baptist Convention can be plotted along the lines of some New Testament scholarship of the 1980s in which the Politics of Holiness was challenged by Jesus with the Politics of Compassion. Is this the culture war? What is the strategy? What happens when Holiness comes into conflict with Compassion? [Read More…]