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Pastors Deepening an Education

I will be directing a new and innovative Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at Northern Seminary. This new DMin program is shaped to help pastors deepen their education and to provide an opportunity for them to explore how to impact the church at a new level. Tell your pastor and pastors tell your pastor friends. [Read More…]

Jonathan Sacks: Shallow New Atheists

From The Spectator: In one respect the new atheists are right. The threat to western freedom in the 21st century is not from fascism or communism but from a religious fundamentalism combining hatred of the other, the pursuit of power and contempt for human rights. But the idea that this can be defeated by individualism [Read More…]

Theological Showdown — The Big One

What was the biggest showdown in church history? One could make an argument for the 16th Century Reformation, which impacted the church dramatically. Or the split of the Western and the Eastern church in the 11th Century, which had the same kind of impact. But perhaps the biggest showdown of them all was the battle [Read More…]

Women in Jesus’ World 1

To go along with my course at Northern on Women and Ministry, which begins this morning, I want to pull out a week long series on women in the world of Jesus. Much is said about “women in the Jewish world” and much of it uninformed. This entire series is rooted in Tal Ilan’s important [Read More…]