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Rethinking Student Debt

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Immigration Reform, an Evangelical Cause

Source: CHICAGO (RNS) On a recent Sunday morning, Jenny Yang stood beside a giant wooden cross and made a case for immigration reform to members of an evangelical church. “As Americans, we have a responsibility when the laws are not working for the common good to change them,” she intoned from the pulpit. The talk [Read More…]

Reading Genesis for All it is Worth! (RJS)

Last Thursday I put up a post The Garden in Ancient Context looking at the discussion in John Walton’s background commentary on Genesis (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary). The first comment on this post made a point that comes up frequently in the discussion of the historicity of the Genesis account of origins (Gen 1-11). [Read More…]

Women in Jesus’ World 2

The Issue of Purity Because of the value placed upon virginity and upon purity in the Hebrew Bible (e.g., Leviticus 12), Jewish halakhah (legal rulings) focuses on items not normally discussed openly in modern Christian contexts. In many cases, the items are considered private information today. But for ancient Judaism, these items were part and [Read More…]