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How Flexible are Your Politics?

From NPR: What is the best example of this that you’ve seen? American politics has become like a big square dance. When the music stops after an election, people switch to the other side on a number of issues, depending on whether their party remains in power. That was pretty clear this week, when polls [Read More…]

Response to Exodus International’s Decisions

Sam Storms, among others, is part of Restored Hope Network, a new initiative that takes up where Exodus International used to be, and this is their “What We Believe” page, and they have a Board of Directors, and their first conference coincides with the last conference of Exodus International: We, the members of the Restored [Read More…]

The Pastor and the Family

John Frye, who writes this weekly column, From the Shepherd’s Nook, begins a promising series on the pastor and the family. The Pastor’s Family: Part 1 “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This noted opening sentence from Leo Tolstoy’s classic, Anna Karenina, sets the frame for the [Read More…]

Women in Jesus’ World 5

So, we are now ready to ask, What did Jesus think of women and How did Jesus treat women? I provide a series of questions for your consideration. A good place to begin here is with D.M. Scholer, “Women” in Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels or with B. Witherington III, Women. (These items can be [Read More…]