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King Jesus — in Japanese

Ever since Sachi Nakamura (Twitter) contacted me about translating King Jesus Gospel into Japanese I’ve looked forward to this day: and here it is, whether you can read it or not. King Jesus Gospel in Japanese, so tell your friends who are Japanese or who can read or speak Japanese. It is beyond an honor [Read More…]

How would you respond to this?

Jonathan Merritt, at RNS, opens his article with this and I wonder what you would tell someone who asked you this? A friend of mine who was raised in a fundamentalist home told me a disturbing story recently. One Sunday morning, the youth pastor at her Southern Baptist Church passed out three-inch galvanized nails to all [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, June 22, 2013

American Founders, their writings online. Does reading make you a better person? Yes and No. “A battle over books has erupted recently on the pages of The New York Timesand Time. The opening salvo was Gregory Currie’s essay, “Does Great Literature Make Us Better?” which asserts that the widely held belief that reading makes us more moral has little [Read More…]