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Peacemaking is for Kingdom People

From Relevant, John Huckins and peacemaking as a daily choice that begins close to home: “Peacemaking has been disintegrated from our understanding of the gospel. It has been stigmatized and outsourced rather than embraced and embodied. Living as everyday peacemakers allows us to fully embrace our Resurrection identity as New Creation and reintegrates our role [Read More…]

DOMA Struck Down

Thoughts? One way or the other. (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a federal law that restricts the definition of marriage to opposite-sex couples in a major victory for the gay rights movement. The ruling, on a 5-4 vote, means that legally married gay men and women are entitled to claim the [Read More…]

Where Does Mary Fit in Orthodoxy?

You have, or perhaps “They had,” three options: Mary gave birth to the human Jesus (but not to the eternal, divine Logos), or Mary gave birth to the Christ (not to God, but to Christ, who was both human and divine), or Mary gave birth to God (Jesus was divine). The first view is called [Read More…]

Let the Bible be the Bible

Sometimes what we want the Bible to be what it is not so we make the Bible what we want it to be and then we feel better about the Bible. Here’s a good example, taken from my friend and colleague, Claude Mariottini, and his new book Rereading the Biblical Text: Searching for Meaning and Understanding. [Read More…]