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Michele Cushatt, On Letters of Rejection

So you want to be a writer … are you ready for the rejection? Can you learn from it? Michele says Yes. It’d been six years since I first started writing. Finally, after thousands of hours spent learning, creating, and rewriting, I believed my time had come. My bookwould be published. Only that’s not what happened. Within [Read More…]

The Pastor’s Family: Daughters Speaking

By John Frye It’s telling that a book is titled Life in a Glass House: The Minister’s Family and the Local Congregation. A glass house. I asked my daughters to write the pros and cons of growing up in a pastor’s family. One of my daughter’s wrote this as a con: “Scrutiny. It seems that [Read More…]

The Serpent was Right

One of the more unusual features of Genesis 2–3 is this: 1. God tells Adam that on the day Adam eats of the tree he will surely die. Genesis 2:17: “for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” NET: “for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.” 2. [Read More…]