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Doctors and Dying

Source: Valuable for pastors. A recent RadioLab podcast, titled The Bitter End, identified an interesting paradox. When you ask people how they’d like to die, most will say that they want to die quickly, painlessly, and peacefully… preferably in their sleep. But, if you ask them whether they would want various types of interventions, were they on the cusp [Read More…]

Reading Dante, a Little Help

Many of us were asked somewhere in our education to read Dante’s Divine Comedy, or at least part of it. Mine came as a 1st year college student, if my memory serves me right, and I was so intensely focused on my girlfriend (now my wife, Kris), my own studies in Bible and theology, playing basketball [Read More…]

Regret, Middle Life, and the Church’s Grace

From Michelle van Loon: Does your church provide grace for those in middle life who find grace through regret? Regret may be the gateway into midlife for some of us. It has to do with consequences of our actions. At midlife, the consequences are more pressing and inescapable. Our souls recognize that there is no [Read More…]

Pastor and Family, by John Frye

The Pastor as a Father In the last post you heard from my daughters as they gave you a peek into being raised in a pastor’s family. In the next post you will hear from Julie about the “pastor’s wife.” Perhaps Scot McKnight could solicit a post from “the pastor’s husband,” too. While by no [Read More…]

Bible Verse Arms Race

I read a piece by Steven Harrell in Relevant Mag about the Bible Verse Arms Race, which could be called being right without being biblical, or being right without being good. Here’s a brief clip: I like to call this exercise a “Bible Verse Arms Race.” The key to winning is to pile up as [Read More…]