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Our Prayers for Randy Travis

News reports are that Randy Travis has had heart surgery. [Read more…]

Sustaining Creativity

Source [Read more…]

Stay or Go?

When a church is rocked by a scandal folks face a choice: stick it out or get out. Michelle van Loon, in a thoughtful post, poses some reflections, but I wonder what your experience is? Should you stay or should you go? Besides being a riff on the title of one of the great pop-punk [Read More…]

What is Science? (RJS)

Last week I started a series of posts on a new book by Gerald Rau  Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything. The first chapter lays the groundwork for his exploration of the origins debate. In this chapter Rau looks first at philosophy and worldview and the way these can shape [Read More…]

Who Says What’s a Complementarian?

Apart from the issue that both (what many today call) egalitarians and complementarians at one time saw themselves as complementarian, one without hierarchy and one with hierarchy, today the term “complementarian” is used by those most commonly associated with the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. So they get to define the term, and one [Read More…]