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Kagan and Scalia, Buddies

Source: The justices that hunt together don’t vote together! Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan bagged herself a deer on a hunting trip to Wyoming with Justice Antonin Scalia last fall. You heard that right: Despite finding themselves on opposite sides of major court decisions, the liberal Obama-appointee and the conservative Reagan-appointee have become hunting buddies [Read More…]

Problems with Standardized Testing

I leave it to the educators in the public sector to assess whether or not standardized testing can be eliminated, but there are problems, and this piece by Sara Briggs gets at the heart of them. What do you think of our standardized testing? Any suggestions to go forward? 1. Misused And Punitive Data… Schools [Read More…]

Book of Revelation: Friend or Foe to Nonviolence

Revelation: Friend or Foe to Nonviolence? *The following post is adapted from Preston Sprinkle’s forthcoming book: Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2013). Preston’s book is due to release on August 1. The book of Revelation stands out as an embarrassment to Christianity. The famed atheist Friedrich Nietzsche described the book as “the [Read More…]

Salvation is Bigger than Forgiveness

What he is claiming is that the “the broadest picture of redemption” in Christian thinking “is adoption.” I was a bit surprised by that but it made more sense when he explained adoption as “union with God” or as “oneness.” This makes redemption radically relational, and it makes redemption both vertical and horizontal — and [Read More…]