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The Story of Finland

From The Atlantic: Inarguably one of the world’s most generous — and successful — welfare states, the country has a lower infant mortality rate, better school scores, and a far lower poverty rate than the United States, and it’s the second-happiest country on earth (the U.S. doesn’t break the top 10). According to the OECD, Finns on average give an 8.8 [Read More…]

The Bad Apple in Comments

This from Derek Powazek: He is discussing blog etiquette and the Bad Apple. So true. What’s your wisdom? In his 2009 study published in Research in Organizational Behavior, Will Felps found that one bad participant can have a negative effect on an entire group. His research was about real-life, in-person meetings, but it’s entirely relevant to [Read More…]

It all begins with contraception: David Opderbeck on DOMA decisions

SMcK: I made a mistake and posted this too soon. David: Friends – it seems there was a mix up with my most recent post on gay marriage and contraception.  I intended to hold that until I finished talking about the cases, and I planned to revise it from the version that was posted.  I’m away [Read More…]

The Silencing of God in the Church

Some churches talk about “God” and the “Father” and one is led to think “God” and the “Father” are the same. (They’re not.) Other churches talk about “God” and “Jesus,” sometimes far more about Jesus than God, and one is led to think either that God and Jesus are two entirely separate beings or that [Read More…]