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NYTimes and Women

From Amanda Hess: In the New York Times last weekend, female voices dominated the conversation about how elite college students drink alcohol and have sex with one another. Men dominate the Timescoverage of all other topics. In January and February of this year, Alexi Layton and Alicia Shepard scoured the 325 front-page stories published in the New York Times, and found that the paper quoted [Read More…]

Ann on being a Mama

Ann Voskamp, one of our favorite writers, on the temptation to be a Super Mama: And no matter how the craziness of this whole parenting thing all turns out: The reward of loving is in the loving; loving is itself the great outcome of loving. The success of loving is in how we changebecause we kept on loving [Read More…]

Thoughts from a Pastor’s Husband

This week our From the Shepherd’s Nook post is by Chuck Shirey, husband of pastor-teacher Alice Shirey (about whom I say a few things in my Junia Is Not Alone). Thoughts from a pastor’s husband… Most would not consider ours to be a typical pastor’s family. My wife is not a typical pastor, and I don’t [Read More…]

Have You Read Him?

Zach Dawes wonders aloud how many have read Rauschenbusch. I wonder, too, how many who have not read him have criticized him? Rauschenbusch’s theology was straddled with an expression many thought was its condemnation, the so-called “social gospel.” (There is an excellent biography of Rauschenbusch by Evans.) But what is the social gospel? What did [Read More…]