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Prayer for the Royal Baby

God our Creator, who knows each of us by name and loves us from all eternity: we give you thanks for new life and human love. Bless William and Catherine as they welcome their son into the world. Give them patience and wisdom to cherish and love him as he grows. Surround the family with [Read More…]

The Vitamin Myth

Paul Offit: Nutrition experts contend that all we need is what’s typically found in a routine diet. Industry representatives, backed by a fascinating history, argue that foods don’t contain enough, and we need supplements. Fortunately, many excellent studies have now resolved the issue…. On October 10, 2011, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that [Read More…]

Why Teachers Quit

How To Save Our Educators infographic [Read more…]

Creation Debates are Not New

The first two centuries of the Christian church included serious debates between major theologians — like Justin Martyr and Tertullian — and they debated one essential idea: Did God create out of nothing or did God create from pre-existing material? A problem actually arises from the translation of Genesis 1:1-2. KJV: In the beginning God [Read More…]

Paul at your Potluck

By Derek Leman: What do you think — would Paul have eaten your shrimp cocktail? Churches today would have a difficult time accepting Paul as a member. He made trips to Jerusalem for the festivals and holy days when he could (Acts 20:16). He observed the seven days of Unleavened Bread and Passover during his [Read More…]