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Pre-Air Conditioning

What did you do in pre-air conditioning days to cool off? Air-conditioning has reversed the polarity of summer: it has us fleeing inside during hot weather, while we used to flee outside, which might have been more fun, and was certainly more social. Arthur Miller’s “Before Air-Conditioning,” from June 22, 1998—probably the definitive New Yorker essay on [Read More…]

The Whore of Babylon

The Whore of Babylon *The following post is adapted from Preston Sprinkle’s forthcoming book: Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2013). Preston’s book is due to release on August 1. As I was writing the chapter on Revelation for my book Fight, I flipped on the news and was oppressed by the horror: a [Read More…]

What American Christianity Looks Like: Theologically

This is a reputable source with reliable conclusions, so pastors and Christian leaders need to give this Economic Values Report  report a good solid read and keep it in mind. A sociologist friend gives this study a thumbs up for integrity: On general theological orientation, we get this, though I’d like to see the specific [Read More…]