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From Mud to a Masterpiece

John Burke wrote a book called Mud and the Masterpiece, and this video illustrates his message. [Read more…]

Why Wrigley Needs a Jumbotron

From The Onion: CHICAGO—In the midst of heated debate over the installation of Wrigley Field’s first-ever Jumbotron, officials from the Chicago Cubs stressed Monday that the state-of-the-art screen will provide fans with a much-needed distraction from the team itself. “We will always do our utmost to retain the historic feel of America’s oldest ballpark, but [Read More…]

Will Religious Progressives Become…?

From Napp Nazworth: Peter Steinfels, professor emeritus at Fordham University, said there were two reasons to doubt that religious progressives could build a significant political movement, such as the one built by religious conservatives. Steinfels, who said he would probably be categorized as a religious progressive by the report, did not contribute to the report but was [Read More…]

A Pastor’s Husband regarding His Pastor

By Jeff Leach, whose wife (Tara Beth) is a Nazarene pastor and a student at Northern Seminary. When I was a student at a Small Christian college in the Midwest, I encountered young women who would express a desire to be a Pastor’s wife.  I don’t think I ever encountered a single guy that said [Read More…]

Evangelical Activists, Evangelical Populace

Jon Merritt, so it seems to me, has hit this one squarely: evangelical activist leaders are for immigration reform, ordinary evangelical Christians don’t much care and, if they had their druthers, might tighten immigration. Here are Jon’s words: Why is there no widespread concern at the grass roots level with immigration issues among evangelicals?  As [Read More…]