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Caffeine Amounts in a Variety of Coffees

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Erring on the Side of … what?

Yes, this is how George Saunders summed up his moral charge to the graduates of Syracuse: So, quick, end-of-speech advice: Since, according to me, your life is going to be a gradual process of becoming kinder and more loving: Hurry up.  Speed it along.  Start right now.  There’s a confusion in each of us, a [Read More…]

When is Your Gathering the “Church”?

You and I gather as Christians to have coffee: Is that the church? You and I and five others gather to read the Bible: Is that the church? You and I gather to hear a pastor preach and we sing some: Is that the church? What does it take to move a “gathering” into a [Read More…]

Parables as Imagination 6

The parables of Jesus summon us to the edge of the world in order to imagine a world that can only be called “kingdom.” In this world we have stereotypes, like the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:9-14, after the jump). In this imagined stereotyped world the Pharisee is self-righteous, hypocritical, unloving, and conscious [Read More…]