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From a Player

One of the more potent arguments against the use of performance enhancing drugs/products is that those who don’t use them are cheated out of an opportunity, like the pitcher who got cut when it was down to two players — that pitcher and one who is now on discipline from MLB but who didn’t get [Read More…]

Your Handwriting, What it Reveals

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   [Read more…]

Yes, Spelling Matters

Yes, of course, we all have typos and sometimes we think we are spelling a word correctly when we aren’t, and sometimes the clever folks inside our computers and smartphones anticipate what we are about to write and change a word and now it just looks goofy. But… I make this contention: I know of [Read More…]

Education: A Rant about Liberals

From Jacobin, by Lois Weiner: The major theme in this article is that public education can’t be “fixed” until a social vision is implemented, a social vision that attacks both economic and social inequalities. An eloquent call to “reclaim the conversation” challenges leading liberal educators to repudiate their involvement in what’s being called “corporate school reform.” We [Read More…]

Let My Arm Fall From the Shoulder! (RJS)

Let my arm fall from the shoulder? What?! This doesn’t seem like much of a curse – until we look at alternate translations. Longman’s is more graphic “may my shoulder blade fall off my shoulder, and my arm be broken at the socket.“ We are nearing the end of a long, spread out, interaction with [Read More…]

Arguing for God

The field of Christian apologetics often forms arguments for the existence of God, and in doing so knows that God needs no defense though human minds are made to think and reason and what the human mind wants is a reasonable explanation for the existence of God. Many want belief in God to be reasonable. [Read More…]

Parables as Imagination 7

The parables of Jesus summon us to the edge of the world in order to imagine a world that can only be called “kingdom.” Parables are more than illustrations and more than stories making a point. Instead, they invite us into a storied world that has the power to transform the one who enters the [Read More…]