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Make Trouble, My Friends

From Michelle van Loon, on these words of Pope Francis: I want to see the church get closer to the people. I want to get rid of clericalism, the mundane, this closing ourselves off within ourselves, in our parishes, schools or structures, because these need to get out…Don’t forget: make trouble…. Michelle’s commentary (or should [Read More…]

Carmen’s Story

From Carmen Jordan, one our fine Northern Seminary students who is also pastoring. It was Mother’s Day, 2012, after  preaching a sermon on The Pursuit of Jesus, from Mark’s account of the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years (Mark 5:21 – 31) that I first began to think about pursuing a doctoral program. [Read More…]

The Pastor and Other Pastors

From John Frye: The Pastor and Community Pastors A gathering of community pastors is an intriguing affair. Pastors, while not admitting it, can be very competitive. I recall one pastor who came out on that, however. We were putting together a local church softball league. Christian men can go pagan very fast on a softball [Read More…]

First Fruits

This week Kris and I had our first tomato from our garden — Heirloom, to be precise, and with it the wonders of the odd shapes in an Heirloom tomato. That tomato anticipates weeks of fresh, red, succulent and tasty tomatoes. (Unlike the nonsense pulpous stuff we buy at the grocery store.) Keep that tomato [Read More…]