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Habits of Great Writers

Sara Jonsson sketches the habits of some well-known writers, and the habits can be bizarre: Here are a few in her list… Dickens walked miles and miles pondering his plots and characters. What are their methods? What kind of writing habits made it possible for these geniuses to churn out the good stuff? Here are [Read More…]

Church and Politics

From E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Two things are thus true simultaneously: Nonreligious Americans are a very important part of the liberal constituency, yet the majority of liberals have ties to religion. The survey found that African Americans, who are deeply loyal to most liberal causes (and to the Democratic Party), are among the most religious people [Read More…]

The Good, Bad and Ugly about Christian Eschatology

Many of us are just turned off when anyone wants to write or talk about “eschatology.” I know I usually am, and here’s why: I grew up RaptureWorld where Christian eschatology was about the Rapture, about Jesus’ returning (almost)  to earth to snatch up genuine Christians, which didn’t include most who said they were Christians. [Read More…]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Reading Genesis 1-2

Among evangelicals one can find a number of views on how to read Genesis 1-2: the literary approach and the literal approach are two typical approaches, though behind them all is one simple question: Historical or not? And then this one: In what senses is it historical or non-historical? The big problem here is that [Read More…]