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At least he’s got a sense of humor

Source FOR years, curiosity seekers visiting the Fort Worth, Texas, grave of Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald have wondered about the simple headstone next door, marked Nick Beef. It turns out Nick Beef is alive and living in New York. The New York Times reports that the 56-year-old man who uses that name purchased the cemetery [Read More…]

A New Kind of DMin — for you?

We are very excited about the interest and applicants to our new DMin at Northern that I will be directing. Here’s our announcement: Northern is excited to announce a new Doctor of Ministry in New Testament Context. “The DMin in New Testament Context will give pastors the opportunity of a lifetime.  In my speaking and [Read More…]

Perfectly Time Photo

Source [Read more…]

Our Story, Our Stories

Sent to me by a friend, Yes, that yellow line will lead you to my friend’s denomination.   [Read more…]

The Origin of the Universe – Three Views (RJS)

In his book Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything Gerald Rau considers four different aspects of origins – the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the origin of species, and the origin of humans. The first, the origin of the universe, is in many respects the least controversial [Read More…]

God and Fine-Tuning Arguments

For humans to exist as we do on planet earth requires “in multiple ways that the structure of the universe be precisely set” — so says Robin Collins in his essay “The Fine Tuning Evidence is Convincing” in Debating Christian Theism (eds. J.P. Moreland, C. Meister, K.A. Sweis). Sometimes this is called the “teleological” argument for [Read More…]