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What Pastors Like about their Jobs

From Thom Rainer: So I took to the Twitterverse again with my poll question asking pastors what they like most about their work. Here are their top ten responses. Seeing lives transformed.   Preaching. Frankly, I expected this response to be number one, but it was a distant second. Preaching is very important to these pastors, [Read More…]

Women and Science Careers

From NPR: You don’t need to be a social scientist to know there is a gender diversity problem in technology. The tech industry in Silicon Valley and across the nation is overwhelmingly male-dominated…. A new study by University of Texas sociologist Catherine Riegle-Crumb in the journal Social Science Quarterly offers an interesting new perspective on this divide. Along with co-author Chelsea Moore, Riegle-Crumb [Read More…]

Pastors and Weddings

From John Frye “I am not here to perform your wedding; I’m here to help you establish a Christian home.” This is what I tell young (or older) couples who anticipate marriage. I love weddings. They are a celebrative aspect of pastoral ministry. Imagine after all the joy in heaven over one sinner who repents [Read More…]

A Guide for Miracles

Miracles are weird, they disrupt our world, they make us vulnerable, they renew … and their presence in the history of a church that believes in God, in a God who in the Bible (at least) displayed powers in such a way that everyone thought they were miracles, and we believe in a Lord Jesus [Read More…]