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The Academic “I”

From Patter: The first major thinker who used “I” that I recall was E.P. Sanders in his Paul and Palestinian Judaism, and Sanders changed the game for many biblical scholars. Academics who write without an “I” have denied the personal context of all work; I-less writing is insufferably pseudo-objective. It might seem that once you have [Read More…]

Atonement Debates

When I was a seminary student the atonement battle, as we were taught it, was between CH Dodd, who turned propitiation (the wrath of God pacified) into expiation (the sin of humans removed), and LL Morris, whose dissertation was published and republished and republished as The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross. Morris was a strong defender [Read More…]

Egypt’s Pogrom

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, known for relentless observation and investigation of anti-Semitism and marking out explicit intolerances, has called the Egyptian persecutions a pogrom: The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed its horror and outrage over the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) pogrom thathas destroyed at least 50 Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt. “While we do not condone the deaths [Read More…]

The Right Kind of Place

Whatever approach you take to reading Genesis 1-2 I think we can agree with John Collins when he says Genesis 1-2 makes the earth the “right kind of place in which we live out our story” — before God our creator. This conclusion of Collins’s is found in his chapter “Reading Genesis 1-2 with the [Read More…]

Incarnation’s Significance

The Incarnation of God in Christ has become fashionable. Not only does it mean God has taken up our case by becoming what we are, but it has also reached into a “theology of creation” — or the excellence of creation and the justification of life in this world. A recent example of probing Incarnation [Read More…]