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Phone Etiquette by Country

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. [Read more…]

Weddings: Too Expensive?

The latest numbers from XO Group, Inc: On March 7, 2013, XO Group Inc. released results of their annual Real Weddings Study, something I stumbled on while doing research for another writing project. This report surveyed over 17,000 brides to find out how much they spent on their weddings. Here are some highlights: Average Wedding Budget: $28,427 [Read More…]

The Origin of Life (RJS)

Among the issues shaping the origins debate, the most complex scientific questions surround the origin of life. Gerald Rau outlines some of the confusion and uncertainty concerning the origin of life in chapter 4 of his book Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything. I’ve written on this before, but it [Read More…]

Restoring a Woman’s Good, but Lost, Reputation

When you have time, read Judges 19, where you will the sordid story of a Levite, his concubine, and a plot that thickens into a sickening display of violence. My colleague Claude Mariottini in  Rereading the Biblical Text: Searching for Meaning and Understanding, sorts this text out wonderfully. I’ve enclosed the text below, so read [Read More…]