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Ugly Churches

Source: Fans of baroque church design are sometimes accused of snobbery. Yet after readers peruse this kaleidoscope of ugly houses of worship, you will likely have a little more sympathy for the stodgy. Not only are these artistic innovations ugly, but also bizarre, weird, dumb, and gross. These holy train wrecks come to you from [Read More…]

Diane Ravitch, School Reform, and Changing Her Mind

From The Atlantic: The survival of the school-reform movement, as it’s known to champions and detractors alike, is no longer assured. Even a couple years ago, few would have predicted this turn of events for a crusade that began with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983, gathered momentum as charter schools and Teach for America [Read More…]

Religion — What is it?

From Christian Wiman, My Bright Abyss: I think of this when I hear people say they have no religious impulse whatsoever, or when I hear believers, or would-be believers, express a sadness and frustration that they have never been absolutely overpowered by God. I always want to respond: Really? You have never felt overwhelmed by, and [Read More…]

Good without a God?

Can there be good without God? Or, is morality possible without God Or, is morality possible in a naturalistic worldview? Paul Copan, in his essay “Ethics Need God,” in Debating Christian Theism (ed. JP Moreland, C. Meister, K.A. Sweis), argues that Christian theism provides a much firmer foundation for morality than naturalism. Note this: Copan does [Read More…]