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Antoinette’s a Hero

Thanks to Antoinette Tuff: Atlanta (CNN) — A man slips behind someone else into a packed elementary school with an AK-47-type weapon. He goes into the office and shoots at the ground, then darts between there and outside to fire at approaching police. So what do you do? If you’re Antoinette Tuff, who works in the front [Read More…]

Ages of American Revolution’s Leaders

Todd Andrlik: A list of ages of important American Revolution characters seems elementary enough, and certainly easy to assemble, yet I wasn’t able to find such a list anywhere I looked online. And I don’t recall ever stumbling upon such an appendix while researching my book, so I figured I’d just make one. This is a [Read More…]

Should You Watch This?

From Aisha Harris: (the video trailer can be seen at this link) Do you become annoyed anytime a person of color writes, tweets, sings, or speaks about racial inequality? Have you ever wondered why it’s culturally acceptable for black people to use the n-word, while no one else is supposed to use it? Have you [Read More…]

Remember, God Doesn’t Need You (RJS)

And now Elihu Speaks. Chapters 32-37 contain an interesting interlude in the progression of arguments in the book of Job. A heretofore unmentioned character, Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite speaks. Some claim that this section is a late addition to the text of the book of Job.  It doesn’t seem to mesh well with [Read More…]

Do We Christians even Want the Same Things?

The following post by author Ed Cyzewski originally appeared at his blog In a Mirror Dimly. Can Christians Be Unified If We Don’t Want the Same Thing? I used to find Christianity exhausting. I even found some of my Christian friends exhausting. Worse than that, I was probably the most exhausting person of them all. [Read More…]