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GUNGOR “I am Mountain”

A clip of Gungor’s new song, I am Mountain, is now available.   [Read more…]

That Literary Canon

Western Lit was the name of the course I took at Cornerstone University in the Fall of 1973 with the intelligent and enthusiastic Dr Diane Portfleet. We had a big fat Norton Anthology but Norton — whoever he, she, they was or were — decided what to include and therefore what to read. That whole [Read More…]

Pastors and Church Boards

From John Frye: “For God so loved the world that he did not send a committee.” Fresh out of Dallas Seminary in 1975, I was called to student ministry at a church in Wisconsin. It was a good church in which to learn the ropes of local church life. This church had a constitution that [Read More…]

Sciences and the Tower of Babel

I am not a scientist, but I respect science. I respect science so long as science does what science can do. I disrespect science when science pretends to do what it can’t. That is, I respect science until it builds its own Tower of Babel. Science does what science can do. I love that. It [Read More…]