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Peter Bergen on Syria

From Bergen’s take is that Samantha Powers showed delay after delay fizzles any opportunity to intervene in a way that helps. Newt Gingrich says both sides of this battle are bad and will not help the USA or Middle East peace. SMcK: the Christian asks What does Jesus teach? The Christian asks What is [Read More…]

Black Millennials

Bryan T. Calvin: If you keep up with Christian news and blogs at all you know there has been a lot of talk about why Millennials are leaving the church. It is a hot topic for Christian books and speakers, and for good reason. People are trying to understand why Millennials are leaving, if we can [Read More…]

When Charity is Illegal

From Hugh Hollowell ( This morning we showed up at Moore Square at 9:00 a.m., just like we have done virtually every Saturday and Sunday for the last six years. We provide, without cost or obligation, hot coffee and a breakfast sandwich to anyone who wants one. We keep this promise to our community in [Read More…]

Ask Jeeves! (RJS)

I admit it, I am a P.G. Wodehouse fan. I’ve read (and have on my shelf) all of the Jeeves and Wooster books along with many of Wodehouse’s other books. One of my favorite shows is the British TV series Jeeves and Wooster starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. … But I digress. This post [Read More…]

Comparing Men and Women

One of the more commonly observed statistics about American church attendance is that church is more for women than men. That is, more women attend than do men. Some draw the conclusion that the church is too oriented toward women, though I find this an odd argument. Others draw the conclusion that women are more [Read More…]