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Dan Gable and Olympic Wrestling

That Dan Gable was the, and this article is one serious piece about one serious wrestling dude: On the morning the IOC announced it would drop wrestling from the Olympics, Dan Gable was a continent away, fast asleep. 
It was dark outside. His wife, Kathy, sat at the computer, waiting on the coffeemaker to [Read More…]

One Pastor per Church?

Most any reading of the earliest period of the followers of Jesus, say from 30-50 AD, reveals a more charismatic ordering of a local church. Most any reading of the 3d Century church reveals what many call a Monarchial bishopric, where we have an authoritative teacher “ruling” the local church. How did this happen? Everett [Read More…]

A Name that Strikes Terror

Some names, just mentioning the names, strikes terror. One such name is Jephthah, that judge of Judges 11 who sacrificed his daughter. Or did he? My colleague and friend, Claude Mariottini, devotes three chapters in his book Rereading the Biblical Text to the story of Jephthah. I attach the text after the post. 1. Jephthah goes [Read More…]