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Are you this?

Source Our grandson, Aksel, is a pochemuchka! [Read more…]

War on Syria? No

A riff on a favorite author of mine: We call a nonviolent man “Lord” and in his name rekindle battles among the nations. We call a poor man “Lord” and in his name determine friends and enemies on the basis of who has oil for us. We call “Lord” a man who told us to [Read More…]

Pastors and Leadership

From John Frye: Many pastors feel like the pastor in a cartoon I saw years ago. The congregation of people was running fast down the road and the pastor was running far behind shouting, “Wait! Wait for me! I’m your leader!” There is more confusion per square inch in pastoral ministry over the definition of [Read More…]

Dusting Off a Table called Soul Freedom

Evangelical Christians, prophetic Christians, and progressive Christians have one thing in common: passion. Passion for what is right and good and just and peace-bringing. Passion often enough leads to a lack of sympathy for those who disagree with those passions. In fact, passion leads to intolerance rather than tolerance. Now ramp this up to the [Read More…]