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Did Jesus “Not Know”?

From The New Theological Movement: A good example of someone’s theology overriding what the Bible says. Many will be shocked to discover that Pope St. Gregory the Great, together with all the doctors of the Church after him, expressly condemns the opinion that Our Savior, in his humanity, did not know all created truths including [Read More…]


From the Shepherd’s Nook, by John Frye Jesus was the non-Bible Answer Man. He was asked, according to the Gospels, 183 questions and he answered only 3 of them. Usually Jesus responded to questions with his own questions. Jesus is notoriously known for telling down-to-earth stories that did not answer questions as much as provoke [Read More…]

A Healing Word from On High

Any reading of the stories about Saul leads to a basic storyline: a handsome and gifted man, anointed by God as the first king of Israel, successful, odd, failure after failure, and my colleague, Claude Mariottini, proposes one reason for this man’s nightmare catastrophes — and we’ll get to it in just a moment. (We [Read More…]