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Lonely in the church

From Thom Rainer: The three most common causes of loneliness shared with me by pastors are insightful: 1.     Church members do not want to get too close to a pastor.   2.     The pastor is accustomed to giving instead of receiving.   3.     The pastor is in a defensive mode. Three Dangers . . . [Read More…]

Jesus: When was he first worshiped?

James D.G. Dunn was my doctoral supervisor. I have visited with Jimmy most every year since the early 1980s at the annual academic conferences, and this sketch of his newest book needs to be seen in that light. In many ways, this book returns to the sort of work he was doing in the 1980s [Read More…]

Is Ordination Outdated?

An “ordained” minister means someone is designated by a given religious body as approved for ministry: they have been examined, discernment has occurred, and they are then consecrated to perform the duties of ministry. In some groups this means the “ordained” minister can distribute the sacraments; in some it means they can be called “pastor” [Read More…]