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Speaking of Ireland

This morning I posted about reconciliation in Ireland, and here’s a good graphic about Ireland: An infographic by [Read more…]

Not What’s Next, but What’s Now?

Amanda Bast: What if my ultimate goal has nothing to do with marriage or kids or a career? What if my aim was to love people well, and to fully embrace the gifts I’ve been given? Would that be enough? What if my life goal was to simply run the race, to be called a [Read More…]


OK, Kathy Escobar, I get your point, but I’m a theologian and we like this question… but you are right, it’s often a veiled question designed to size up someone’s status in your own ranking … truth be told, i have a lot of pet peeves. i can’t stand when people slurp when they drink [Read More…]

When Two Groups Can’t Get Along

The only way toward unity when we are fragmented is love. When we love one another grace breaks out in fresh and exciting ways. I’m from the USA and for the whole of my publicly-conscious life I’ve never been able to comprehend why the Irish can’t get along. For a refresher, Northern Ireland is part [Read More…]

Our Past Makes Us Who We Are

I was thinking of the apostle Paul and how his past, so far as we can know, prepared him for his life as an apostle.  God used his life in Tarsus to prepare Paul to be the great integrator, though it took an eye-twittering experience of seeing Jesus himself to accept the challenge. Some people [Read More…]