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The Presbyterians of Lake Tahoe

Kris and I were kindly invited to join Faith Presbyterian Church of Sacramento at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center. Once when I was speaking in Placerville on the other side of the lake and over the mountains toward Sacramento we had planned on a day trip to Tahoe but it snowed and the roads were [Read More…]

Majors and Money

From NPR: What impact should numbers/realities like these have what major a student chooses? [Read more…]

Will Putin?

Vladimir V. Putin’s op-ed piece in the NYTimes has set off a flurry of responses, some of them appreciative and some of them attempts at deconstruction. He definitely scored some points, and comes off looking like the diplomatic peace-maker instead of war-monger. The question I ask is this: Will Putin permit President Obama the same space [Read More…]

Off to College … Into? (RJS)

We are now into the second week of school around here. A new set of freshman (or “first years”) have arrived,  ready to begin a new phase of life. Away from home and exposed to new ideas. It is rather popular among Christian bloggers and others to reflect on how students, away from the constraints [Read More…]

Why More and More are Enrolling in DMin Programs

From Andy Rowell: 5 reasons why there are so many people doing D.Min. programs today 1. A Ph.D. is too painful and a D.Min. is just right. I think it is too expensive, long, and painful to get a Ph.D. for most people. The average time for a Duke Ph.D. in Religion is 5.8 years and that is one [Read More…]