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Would you do this?

A father wears embarrassingly short shorts to get his daughter’s attention about her shorts. Kris heard a mom say she warned her daughter of what she was wearing by picking her up at school in front of everyone by wearing her hair rollers. Would you do this? A Utah dad got so fed up with [Read More…]


Our weekly column, From the Shepherd’s Nook, is on Paul, pastors and discernment, by John Frye. In the last post we explored Jesus as the discernment artist. Let’s consider the Apostle Paul and the topic of discernment. I mentioned the unhealthy propensity of evangelical leaders to provide endless directions; to make things plain, practical and [Read More…]


Some find a suspect guilty of something in a Muslim and such persons are infected with Islamophobia, while those who find Christians suspect of covert political and religious corruption are infected with Christianophobia. There are those who, because of power and dominant culture and, let this be clear, connection to the USA, think whatever is [Read More…]