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A What? Bookless Library!

From NPR: An all-digital public library is opening today, as officials in Bexar County, Texas, celebrate the opening of the BiblioTech library. The facility offers about 10,000 free e-books for the 1.7 million residents of the county, which includes San Antonio. On its website, the Bexar County BiblioTech library explains how its patrons can access free eBooks [Read More…]

Journeying through Churches

Michelle Van Loon‘s “confession” and lessons: For several years, I served as the Communications Director for a ministry that networked Evangelical and a few Mainline congregations for purposes of service/outreach, learning, fellowship, and prayer. Someone once asked me what it was like to interact with people of so many different doctrinal convictions and practices. I [Read More…]

New Freedoms at Moody

Alcohol consumption has a history in the USA — including the prohibition movement — and a history in some churches. Alcohol consumption was connected to holiness and holiness to not consuming alcohol, and they wrap it all up into communities who commit themselves to such a view and out comes social pressure … and this [Read More…]

Pastors and People, by John Frye

By John Frye: Hebrews 13: Pastors and People Hebrews 13 is a good chapter for pastors to visit regularly. Hebrews 13 ends the fascinating book with some personal and pastoral exhortations and a concluding, majestic benediction. The author’s concern is for the enduring, holy stability of the Christian community that is facing hostile and turbulent [Read More…]