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MOOCs+ (or Classes + MOOCs) and the MOOC Delusion

From Slate: For a year or two there, free online classes seemed like they just might be the future of higher education. Why, some influential computer scientists wondered, should there be thousands of colleges and universities around the country all teaching the same classes to small groups of students, when you could get one brilliant [Read More…]

Introvert and a Teacher

Excellent article brought to my attention about teachers and introversion: On his third day as a teacher, John Spencer lost his temper entirely. His students were working on a collage project, and the classroom was full of ebullient cutting, gluing and painting. Not wanting to dampen the children’s creativity, Spencer had avoided overburdening them with [Read More…]

Flip Flops and Your Feet

From ZocDoc: Via ZocDoc and NY Daily News. [Read more…]

Good Samaritan Story

Because of travel to speaking events I will not have Weekly Meanderings today, and probably not next week, but instead we’ll have a few links scattered throughout the morning. Enjoy one at a time. From AP News: A fund for a homeless man who turned in a backpack with more than $40,000 inside has collected [Read More…]